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Where are you? Are you okay?

I used to listen to music through your chest

You smelt like freshly baked bread

My hands felt whole with yours in it

My heart felt home within yours

It has been you all this time

Even after you left my side

It never stopped being you

New faces and new hearts

Filled my days and mind

But my heart is your home

You trashed it to pieces when you were here

But when you left it felt empty

Stars and hammocks feel empty too

You left behind broken pieces and sad songs

You left behind someone who loved you so much

I could have loved you enough for you and me

I could have loved all those broken pieces of yours

But I had to leave you behind to be my own hero

I had to show myself the love you could not show me

You never gave me a chance because of my body

When I gave you all the chances in the world

My heart carries love and pain for you every day

But when I found out you struggled after we were done

When I found out that you tried to end it all

When I found out you might not be on this planet anymore

Nothing but love resurfaced for you

Nothing but the wish that you were well

I wish I could have loved you in a way that you would have felt it

I wish I could have loved you in a way that saved us both

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