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Short Story: Franklin

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The year 2020.

The vibe global pandemic.

The scene millions of singles find themselves in the “Talking Stage” while meeting on Tinder and Bumble in quarantine.

In a strange way, quarantine relieved socially anxious and desperately lonely Moira. She was short, chubby with a juicy ass and a great rack and personality for fucking days. But alas, Moira was hopeless on these apps. Perhaps her expectations of decent grammar and common human decency were setting her standards too high. Perhaps it was that every date she had gone on from the apps had ghosted her or been truly terrible dicks attached to equally terrible humans.

She deleted the apps for a while in hopes of finding something more organically but that only made for awkward work situations where fucking Danny had to move desks because he felt uncomfortable.

Moira felt like quarantine was a great time to just give up and lie on the ground, join a cheese of the month club, and eat stinky goudas and soft bries until she died and was eaten by her true love, roommate, best friend, and cat - Theodore Pablo Swanson. This existence seemed to suffice for months until the air warmed, the skies brightened and Zac Efron’s hairy daddy body brought out a lust in her that made her thick thighs jiggle in anticipation and her unused nipples tingled on her heaving untouched bosom.

In that moment of weakness and a touch of too much wine and weed, Moira longed for the attention of a man. Even the ones who could barely spell and wanted to send dick pictures immediately, so she downloaded Tinder again after months of it. Zac Efron had awoken something in Moira that made her want to feel like a woman again. She took a deep breath, opened up her Camera Roll, and found her best Instagram photos with the most flattering filters and angles. The perfect pictures were where her blue eyes screamed “hell yeah I suck dick”, her smile was sweet, and she was seemingly living a fulfilling life. After picking six pictures that showed off her ample bosom and thick ass, she wrote a bio to entice the attention of men desperately needing an ego stroke, so she wrote something bolder than she normally would.

“Perfect pandemic princess ready to charm your pants right off during these unprecedented times of no contact. You will get unlimited banter from a true goddess at the low, low price of your soul and a dick picture or two.”

She swiped for what seemed like hours barely finding a man without a fish in his hand and when she did come across the odd drummer or comedian she was appalled by their lack of effort and poor grammar and spelling. Just as Moira was about to put down her phone and just give in to her passion for a thick and bearded Zac Efron on Netflix her phone buzzed.

A notification from Tinder, she had received a message from one of the few guys she had swiped right on, and to be quite honest the swipe was more for the adorable schnauzer in his pictures rather than the actual somewhat mediocre man himself. He had sad blue eyes, wore a lot of comic book shirts, and had a weak reddish-blond neckbeard but damn that schnauzer was cute.

His name was Matt because of course his name was Matt. He was such a Matt. His message appropriately read:


How original Moira thought to herself.

She typed back: “Not much”

That is all Moira was willing to muster up for this bare minimum effort.

“Ur cute.”

His spelling was atrocious but he still chose to end his message in a period. This little peculiarity piqued Moira’s interest and well, his dog was cute.

“Thanks. Your dog’s cute too.”, Moira message back.

He texted back quicker than she thought he would:

“Yeah he’s a stud really nice guy too his name is franklin. i could see if i could set something up for you guys”

There was no punctuation or even capitalization but Moira was charmed by his rye joke and Franklin was very cute. Moira had no idea what to say so she went classic Moira with it and stated the facts.

“You’re funny. That was funny.”

Matt wrote back within seconds “lol thanks i try so hard… i am very broken”

Moira felt a deep ache of longing ripple through her body because nothing got her off more than helping a lost white straight man find his potential.

“At least you have Franklin.” Moira messaged back.

“Yeah I guess we are both looking for company” Matt messaged back.

The back and forth of their messages seemed light, easy, and flirty and Moira was warming up to Matt. After he said he went to put Franklin in his crate to sleep, he messaged Moira saying.

“Franklin is asleep so we can play i wanna see more of u”

Ah yes, here it was when Moira had to admit to another “Matt” that she was indeed fat despite what was shown in the angles and filter of her profile pictures.

“Just so you know, I am fat.”

Moira messaged and threw her phone on the couch and went to the fridge to chug white wine from the bottle in despair. Well, there goes another one she thought as she heard the muffled buzz of her phone on the couch. Moira wished he would have just have unmatched her rather than trying to say some polite exit line. She took another long swig of wine and walked to pick up her phone with the bottle still in her hand and read:

“Ur beautiful.”

She sent her number immediately and after minutes of texting, he asked to see more of her again. It had been years since Moira sent a tit picture to anyone but the loneliness of the pandemic, the horniness left by the new version of Zac Efron and the fact that this broken boy had called her beautiful made Moira ready to be “vulnerable”.

She ran around her apartment in a frenzy looking for dry shampoo for her nested hair and the right lighting to enhance her ample breasts. Under the light of an Ikea paper lamp, Moira seductively arched her back on the couch and unbuttoned her men’s triple x Hawaiian shirt from Walmart to reveal her bare chest while trying to maneuver her camera up and yet down to find that perfect angle. Theodore the cat looked on with judgment as Moira took upwards of 20 pictures and finally adding filters to the one she did not hate, she pressed send and squealed an audible “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?”

What seems like hours passed but her iPhone said it was only two minutes when a text buzzed Moira’s phone.

“U made me so hard wanna see?”

Zac Efron’s perfectly chiseled body flashed in Moira’s head as she covered herself up and messaged back.


Almost immediately Moira received a picture of an erect dick sticking out of a thick bush of reddish pubic hair. Below his average uncut dick was his feet in white socks and dirty clothes all around what had to be his bathroom floor.

“Wanna facetime until I cum”

Moira winced feeling her lady parts dry up but her lonely heart found hope in the ease of their earlier banter and the hope of meeting Franklin.

“I dunno” Moira finally replied.

“Oh come on I am so close… how about just a call”

Moira hesitantly replied… “Maybe” and not even a minute later she got the call.

“Hey” he said, his voice deep and breathy but also almost cracking.

“Hey” Moira replied.

“I had to call you made me so hard. I wish you were here”

“Yeah me too” Moira said weakly not sure of what to do next.

He grunted a bit and asked “Would you suck my dick?”

“Yes” Moira said with the slightest bit more enthusiasm.

“Mmmmm I wanna fuck your mouth” he said and grunted a bunch more.

And then he groaned loud and Moira was sure he came. There was a bit of silence and he said, “Thanks I needed that”.

“You’re welcome?” Moira replied in a sort of shock at how quick that was for him.

“You’re hot we should hook up when things go back to normal,” Matt said, still breathing heavily.

Moira perked up at the idea of talking to this broken boy again and replied “Yeah! Maybe we could go to a park sometime and I could meet the famous Franklin!”

“Oh umm I hope this is not weird but that’s not even my dog”

“What? I thought you put him in his crate?”

“I was kind of just saying stuff. I met that dog at a barbeque last summer! He was cute so I snapped some pics for the gram.”

“Oh” Moira replied, unsuccessfully hiding her disappointment.

“You hate me now, don’t you? You think I am a freak!” Matt said defensively.

“No! I really liked talking to you before!” replied Moira, now desperately trying to hang on to something out of this interaction.

“Okay good. I liked talking to you too. You have great tits”

“Thanks,” Moira said and blushed to herself.

Matt yawned loudly, “You really wore me out. I think I am going to sleep. Text you tomorrow?”

“Sounds good.” Moira said with hope in her voice.

“Good night beautiful.”

“Good night,” Moira said as she stayed on the line as he hung up - “Matt.”

Moira never heard from Matt again and without Franklin in the picture that was fine by her. A few nights later after doing her nightly skin routine, Moira deleted the apps again, she turned on the tv and Zac Efron was there right before her eyes, unnecessarily clapping at something. She put the tv on mute, put on some Lizzo, and inserted her vibrator in her wet ass pussy.

This is Moira’s 2020 love story.

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