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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I am a couch.

A comfortable place to rest between serious relationships with women who are slighter and make themselves softer for you.

I have a great personality and we connect in a way that makes you callously throw around the word “love”. You don’t love me the way you will love her though. Your love for me is a temporary comfort between your great loves.

You would be mad if I was to tell you this now but I wonder if you will realize in retrospect when you are with her and your mind falls upon me.

This is not my first time being a couch nor knowing the desperation of my heart to be loved, it shall not be my last. My hopeful heart will try to imagine that I am more than a couch to you and that our connection is special and strong enough for you to magically find a way to love me the way you will your great loves.

That will fill my heart with hope and break it when you go to her. I will try to do my best to watch you go with grace and wish you the best and not let the pain of your absence swallow my spirit whole as it has done so many times before.

I just pray that the recovery from you is swift and I can move on with my life as a soft cushy couch used for times of comfort by sad boys like you who need a place to rest.

I am a couch.

I am a place for him to rest between great loves. Between girls, he can really see himself with. Between girls who he can find a way to love again for. I need to believe him when he can’t love me and I need to be smart and walk away.

Because being a couch is harmful and hurtful and you have done it too much. You have hurt like this too much. Let someone else be his comfortable place to rest.

Know your worth.

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