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A seed

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

My garden lay bare and I wanted it to be more

So, I dug a deep hole and planted my seed

I watered it after I reapplied the dirt back into the hole

I lay flat on the ground and pat the mound of dirt waiting for sprouts to pop

I stared and waited for what seemed like forever

I was reassigned when it all seemed for nothing

I went on and lived my life forgetting about the seed

I planted other seeds and saw nothing come of it

I grew bitter and thought

What was the point of planting seeds?

I lay on the ground and my tears soaked the dirt below me

I lay my cheek flat on the earth and opened my eyes to see a sprout

A foreshadowing of the bountiful harvest to come

My body sprung up with purpose

I had to tend to my sprouts

I had to plant more seeds

As I lay out my garden plan I thought

Gosh, I am glad I planted all those seeds

And was grateful for my tears that watered them green

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